• reel21

    Motion Graphics Reel

    Compilation of some works done during the last years, listed bellow are the timecode of the different projects and my role on each of them. Hope you like it. You can check my previous reels here and here. 00:04 – Vis a Vis TV Promo (Fox Spain): Desing and animation. 00:11 – The secret of […]

  • vuelta

    La Vuelta 2021

    Opening for the TV broadcast of La Vuelta 2021. This first video is the original proposal based on an anime style storyboard: During production we had a change in art direction, so this was the next proposal: Some adjustments had to be done in order to make it more fitting to the corporate style, resulting […]

  • greenberg

    The secret of Dr. Greenberg – Motion graphics

    Some of the motion graphics I created for the documentary film The secret of Dr. Greenberg.

  • fox_vis_set

    Vis a Vis

    Set of 4 character based promos for the 3rd season of the Fox produced TV show «Vis a Vis». #visavisenfox

  • fox_kards

    Verano by FoxLife

    Design and animation for this summer ID based on the tv show Keeping up with the Kardashians. FoxLife Spain.

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