Personal Work


Have a nice year 2015

I wish you all a year full of motion, color and… well… sound…


5 seconds self promo

This is the result of some playing with After Effects during a friday morning.


Retiro 8 a.m.

Madrid is great in spring, specially in the early morning. Here’s a small walk with my camera and my favourite lens for video around El Retiro between 8 and 9 a.m. Music: Summer by joe hisaishi.


Have a nice year

Playing with Cinema 4D to wish everyone a nice year.


Tokyo – February 2010

Some memories from my last visit to Tokyo. Shot during a cold week at the end of February 2010. Music: Tycho – Coastal brake.


Fireworks in Pamplona

Shot during San Fermín celebrations in Pamplona. Music: Space Lion (Cowboy Bebop OST).



Shot in Copenhagen between March and May of 2010. Music: The Sabamiso – Sotsugyo


Gustave Doré in motion

2.5D experiment with 2 Gustave Doré paintings.

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